The Spanish Candles

If two of the faces (bassist Mike Boyle and frontman Brent Toler, joined here by D. Watusi drummer Cam Sarrett) in The Spanish Candles look familiar, it’s because they belong to the guitar army that is Diarrhea Planet. And while that project’s taken up more of their time lately, the Candles have been burning brightly since 2007, building up a local following in Nashville and not-so-quietly sitting on a debut album they’ll soon release through JEFF the Brotherhood’s Infinity Cat imprint. Due out November 4th in a limited run of 300 colored cassettes, Triple Date in Paradise is described as dealing “with the uncertainties that come at the end of college, namely, the pressures of having to make important life decisions and girls.”

Sounds like a Diarrhea Planet record, which can only be a good thing. Head into the weekend with “Bitchin” on blast down below…