Tomaga Meet Andrei Tarkovsky in New “Tuscan Metalwork” Video


“Every musician should go out into the world with a highly sensitive recording device and see what they can get out of a place!” Tomaga bassist Tom Relleen said in a recent Quietus interview, referring to the field-sourced samples of springs, lentils, storms, and gravel sacks on the London duo’s new LP The Shape of the Dance. “In this way we extended the approach we already use on our instruments—of preparing them and making them sound ‘other’ so that we have to explore an unfamiliar palette when we play—to a place.”

That vision takes on another twisted dimension in today’s “Tuscan Metalwork” video, an abstract clip director Antonio Curcetti explains as follows:

The original idea comes from a conversation with [drummer/percussionist] Valentina Magaletti. In particular about [Andrei] Tarkovsky’s cinematography and its slow sense of passing time. ‘The Mirror’, a movie released in 1975, was the main source of inspiration, in particular the tempo and its role in the constitution of subjectivity. Tomaga’s music is strongly cinematic for me and sounds intensely personal. In that sense, the character in the video could be any of us witnessing the world outside while “Tuscan Metalwork” plays in the room.

The Shape of the Dance is now available through Hands in the Dark Records. Stream it in full below, right alongside several of their other records…