Purity Ring Sign To 4AD, Share Five Songs From Their Debut Album

As psyched as we were about many of the sets we saw at South by Southwest this year, there were very few breakout performances or holy shit moments that felt like an artist on the brink of something truly special. One exception to this rule was Purity Ring, the phantasmagoric pop duo that seemed to leave everyone with their jaws ajar; no small feat considering they essentially sound like a live version of the ghostly dance music that’s been trickling out of the UK’s post-Burial scene. (In other words, songs that are meant for subway rides, not the stage.)

And guess what? They’ve now signed to 4AD, the rather surprising–recently at least–Beggars Group imprint that’s courted Zomby, Twin Shadow and SpaceGhostPurrp in the past couple years. Expect their debut album on July 24th, with snippets of five new songs streaming on the group’s official site right now. (Just hit refresh to hear ’em all.)