Sapphire Slows Readies Debut Album For Not Not Fun, ‘Allegoria’

Artists rarely have us at the hello that is their bio, but check out this line from the introduction to Sapphire Slows’ debut album: “Patiently pieced together across all of 2012 (plus change), and inspired by everything from St. Etienne’s plasticine euro-house, obscured J-Pop memories, Blue Bell Knoll, and the saddest Section 25 remixes, Allegoria swirls and spirals through ten textural electronic melancholias composed in, and somewhat for, solitude.”

So this record’s basically a dream-weaving dip into isolationalist dance music and the Cocteau Twins? Sold. Especially after we actually heard the following two immaculately produced tracks…

Sapphire Slows - 'Allegoria'

Sapphire Slows, Allegoria (Not Not Fun, November 12th):
1. Dry Fruits
2. Third Party
3. Rules
4. Corekill
5. Fade Out
6. Break Control
7. As You Know
8. Can I Get Out Of this Silence?
9. Meteor
10. Allegoria