Stream Adam X’s New L.I.E.S. Album

Adam X

“When I got introduced to industrial and EBM music,” Adam X told RBMA recently, “I must have bought 1,000 records in, like, two years…. It was like an addiction. By the time that I was making this music, I had already so much insight on what I wanted to do, and what I could draw from.

The underground icon continued, explaining his industrialized ADMX-71 alias, “Now that harder techno has come back into fashion, I’ve been able to utilize more of my techno background: mix it more up into the industrial, that acidic feeling, and create fusions that I’d never have been able to do otherwise. That’s what I really want to keep doing with ADMX-71: try something that I’ve never done before…. Maybe I’ll make them dance or maybe not; I just want to go wherever I want to go with it.”

That’s certainly the feeling we get from Coherent Abstractions, a new ADMX-71 album cut for L.I.E.S. that brings the Brooklyn label full circle with one of its spiritual forefathers. Stream it in full via The Guardian: