Stream Exploring Jezebel’s Blackest Ever Black Debut


Of all the aliases Dominick Fernow has employed over the years, Exploring Jezebel has got to be the strangest and most misunderstood. And with good reason; after all, its latest release—this week’s On a Business Trip to London album—was recently described as a “perfect and perhaps overdue meeting of emasculated P.E, limp-wristed ornamental industrial, sickly minimal synth and cheap suntanned trollop techno… a highly accessible and often disarmingly pretty work which will appeal to the belissima ballerina in all working men.”

Which is one way of saying it’s like Prurient with a wool muffler pulled over its head. To put both projects in perspective, here’s a complete stream of Fernow’s new Blackest Ever Black release and a trailer for the first Prurient record since 2013’s Through the Window 12”. That’d be the double LP Frozen Niagara Falls, which promises “harsh feedback, tortured vocals, meticulous sampling, machine-like industrial pounding, entrancing synth work, enticing beats and waves of electronica” when it arrives on May 18th through Profound Lore…

Prurient - 'Frozen Niagara Falls' album cover

Prurient, Frozen Niagara Falls (Profound Lore, May 12th):
1. Myth Of Building Bridges
2. Dragonflies To Sew You Up
3. A Sorrow With A Braid
4. Every Relationship Earthrise
5. Traditional Snowfall
6. Jester In Agony
7. Poinsettia Pills
8. Shoulders Of Summerstones
9. Wildflowers (Long Hair With Stocking Cap)
10. Greenpoint
11. Lives Torn Apart (NYC)
12. Frozen Niagara Falls (Portion One)
13. Cocaine Daughter
14. Falling Mask
15. Frozen Niagara Falls (Portion Two)
16. Christ Among The Broken Glass