Stream Four ‘Definitive’ Nine Inch Nails Compilations and Our Mix

Nine Inch Nails @ Terminal 5

Nine Inch Nails @ Terminal 5

In case you don’t watch Nine Inch Nails’ Soundcloud account as closely as us, here’s what Trent Reznor has uploaded in the past month, including a flurry of activity last night: four compilations he’s deemed the definitive breakdown of the band’s sprawling catalog, including Deep Cuts, Quiet Tracks, The Singles and something he simply calls Heavy. You can stream/debate each one below, right alongside our own gleefully sloppy live mix of NIN material called Doesn’t It Make You Feel Better?

'The Definitive NIN: Deep Cuts'

'The Definitive NIN: Heavy'

'The Definitive NIN: Quiet Tracks'

'The Definitive NIN: The Singles'