Stream Powell’s New ‘Club Music’ EP


Since its physical stateside release is still a month away, we thought we’d share the latest head-scratcher from Diagonal’s own Powell. Available now digitally, Club Music turns that concept on its head, filtering a few ecstatic whoo’s, gnarly punk nods, Mark E. Smith-like mumblings and the sparring partner synths of recent signee Russell Haswell through steady-handed rhythms and squelchy beats.

Which sounds like a difficult listen in theory and loosens your limbs right up in practice. Or as the producer tells Thump in an interview today, “My background is in club music—in raves, in DJing, in 12”s—and I see my music in those terms. I make it for clubs, now more than ever, and that’s how I see it: as tracks, as music for messed up floors”…