Teengirl Fantasy Shares Blade Runner-Inspired Opening Ceremony Score

Teengirl Fantasy


Teengirl Fantasy have shared their original score for Opening Ceremony’s recent Fashion Week show, a collection inspired by the sci-fi designs of Syd Mead (Alien, Tron, Blade Runner).

“When Opening Ceremony came to us with the proposal and concept for the show,” Nick Weiss explained on the company’s site, “I think the words used were ‘sexy, sci-fi, and Blade Runner.’ That was an easy sell for us.”

As for how the duo’s 15-minute piece was put together, Logan Takahashi—Weiss’ partner in production and synth-line sculptures—said they started with three jam sessions and cut six high-concept songs from a batch of about eight or nine.

“The main focus during a runway show is on a constantly moving model,” he explained, “so we were trying to always be aware of conveying a sense of forward momentum in the music to match this. Especially when it came to lining up the tracks in a way that maintained a flow, which felt like a constantly upward moving line so to speak.”

“There isn’t really room for the ‘breakdown’ moment that we usually revel in,” added Weiss. “The energy needs to stay fluid so the models can walk to it.”


Teengirl Fantasy – Racers
Teengirl Fantasy – Liftoff
Teengirl Fantasy – You Feeling
Teengirl Fantasy – Hitz
Teengirl Fantasy – Snowy
Teengirl Fantasy & Hoody (??) – Finale