TEST PRESSING: An Exclusive Stream of Kayo Dot’s ‘Coyote’ LP

[Photo by Yuko Sueta]

Falling right in line with the rest of Kayo Dot‘s towering back catalog–a genre-less lot if there ever was one–Coyote is one mighty mind-fuck of an album. Its widescreen sense of controlled chaos and pitch-black melodrama carries a lot of emotional weight, too, as it’s the product of a painful collaboration between frontman Toby Driver and filmmaker/photographer Yuko Sueta. Painful because the latter passed away last fall after a long battle with breast cancer.

While her loss can be felt throughout the record, something triumphant emerges by the end, as “Cartogram Out of Phase” walks off into the sunset alongside brushed drums, hazy horns, and Driver’s first stab at truly Gothic vocals. It’s the sonic equivalent of when you see the word “FIN” plastered across the final scene of an old black and white movie–a chapter closed, with another to begin anew soon enough. Hear what we mean after the jump, as self-titled raises the curtain on an exclusive stream of Coyote, which came out on Hydra Head today…