TEST PRESSING: Fresh Off Last Year’s Ariel Pink Loops, Lushlife Gives Washed Out a Ghetto Pass With a White Label Version of ‘Feel It All Around’


Now here’s something we didn’t expect to see in our mailbox this week: a backpack rap spin on Washed Out‘s steam-pressed “Feel It All Around” single. A quick background check puts Lushlife‘s bootleg mix in perspective–he sampled Ariel Pink, Kanye West style, on “In Soft Focus” last year–and you know what? It’s worth a spin, as the Philly-based MC treats the track like a poetry slam session–name-dropping Sandanista! and letting Ernest Greene’s pillowy chorus fill in the gaps like a pack of cumulus clouds.

Lushlife is opening Favorite Gentleman‘s SXSW showcase next Thursday. Check out a flyer for that after the jump, along with all of the above tracks and Washed Out’s original version.