TEST PRESSING: Les Savy Fav’s Seth Jabour Shares His Soundtrack To ‘Deluxx Fluxx’, a Video Game Art Show From BAST and Faile

Fresh off the Megadrive mentions in this week’s Ikonika feature comes an 8-bit art show soundtrack from Les Savy Fav‘s Seth Jabour. While the guy’s mostly known as a chord-grating post-punk guitarist, his Deluxx Fluxx pieces are like Crystal Castles instrumentals…if someone punched Ethan Kath in the face and forced a handful of happy pills down his throat.

Fun stuff, in other words, and it’s got quite a back story, too. Turns out Jabour was asked to score a makeshift arcade for Faile, a Brooklyn-based street art collective that explains the concept in the following video. (We also uploaded all of Jabour’s songs for your streaming/downloading pleasure.) One person you won’t be seeing is their longtime collaborator BAST, a fellow Brooklynite who helped out with the exhibit and likes cameras about as much as Banksy.

UPDATE: According to The World’s Best Ever, Deluxx Fluxx is following up its London premiere with a New York run from April 30 to May 27. We’re so there.