The Dirtbombs Cover Detroit Techno Icons Like Cybotron and Carl Craig, Get Remixed By Kyle Hall, Omar S and Ectomorph

Detroit’s two enduring exports–techno and garage rock–converge on the Dirtbombs’ new Party Store LP, a guitar-guided tour of such dancefloor demigods as Cybotron, Derrick May and Carl Craig. Available next Tuesday through In the Red, it can be sampled after the jump, as we share the band’s A Number of Names cover (the skeletal punk-funk strut of “Sharevari”) and the Scion A/V-backed remixes of Kyle Hall, Omar S, and Ectomorph…

The Dirtbombs, Party Store:
1. Cosmic Cars
2. Sharevari
3. Good Life (Basement Roots Mix)
4. Strings of Life
5. Alleys Of Your Mind
6. Bug In The Bass Bin
7. Jaguar 1.
8. Tear The Club Up
9. 謎のミスタ-ナイソ(Detoroito Mix)