THE ‘LOST’ INITIATIVE: Major Lazer, Castanets, Enslaved and More Share Their Theories on the Most Twisted Network TV Show of All Time

If you’re like us, withdrawal set in a few weeks ago. Not from a lack of smack, mind you; more like yet another Lost season leaving us with more questions than answers. Now, there are a few ways to cope with this:

  1. Pore over the endless wiki entries at
  2. Discover the ‘why-didn’t-I-think-of-that?’ greatness that is Entertainment Weekly‘s Doc Jensen.
  3. Toss your theories into the ring at USA Today‘s excellent Pop Candy blog, which has basically become the place to debate the show’s many metaphorical/philosophical/historical layers.

Once you’ve done all that, we’ve got another offering for obsessive viewers: the semi-coherent ramblings of music’s biggest Lost fans. The entries below scratch the surface of an open “What the hell just happened and how’s it all gonna tie together in Season 6?” call we put out to artists across every genre. Later today, we will reveal two of the most thorough, and thought-provoking, responses we received.

For now, please join us at the most rock ‘n’ roll water cooler ever

Steve Moore (guitars/synths, Zombi):
So bummed that Locke‘s actually dead. And Faraday. Kill off Kate already, or Jack.

Diplo (producer, Major Lazer):
I think they need to bring polar bears and Walt back, but the whole God and time traveling thing brings too much potential to just do whatever they want.

Switch (producer, Major Lazer):
Harry Potter eats the whole island…then he turns into a huge fish…then the whole show takes place in his belly under the water.

“Five Lost Haikus,” from Annie Palmer (bass/banjo/vocals, Castanets):

i, richard alpert
pierce you with my steely gaze
it’s not eyeliner

jack shepard, M D
so much cooler this season
nuke it! O M G

jacob is burning
under the foot of the god
you found your loophole

aw, rose and bernard
retirement from excitement
never looked so sweet

“have you met before?”
“in a manner of speaking.”
it only ends once

Charlie Brand (frontman, Miniature Tigers):
The excellent Season 5 Finale opened up a lot for Season 6. I think the biggest revelation was the introduction to Jacob and his rival. At first I thought it was a war between Ben and Charles, but now I see it goes deeper than that. Ben, Charles, and essentially everybody else, are pieces in this good vs. evil chess game between Jacob and his buddy. The season ended with the other guy finally getting Jacob into a checkmate. I think Season 6 will deal with the consequences of that and also wrap up the entire series.

I also have a bunch of theories about Richard being an ancient Egyptian and Christian Shepard being a peer to Jacob, but it’s too much to go into right now.

Bren Mead (drums/vocals, Still Flyin’):
Lost? Hmmm…okay.

Before the finale I decided that the only thing I really wanted was for someone to detonate the H-bomb. Up until then, I dreaded the idea–surely, I thought, they would ruin everything by setting it off! If it did work, Kate goes to jail (that’s okay, I guess), Claire‘s baby get’s adopted, Hurley‘s curse continues…it all sucks. And if it didn’t work, everyone dies.

So the [only] option for the writers of Lost was to blow that sucker up. My prediction would be that the bomb changes things, but not at all the way Jack was hoping for.

I can’t make any guesses on the Jacob/Locke thing or on the island’s ancient history.

Ivar Bjørnson (guitarist, Enslaved):
You know what? I haven’t watched the season finale yet. To be honest, I haven’t started watching Season 5 at all. For me, I have to watch Lost on my own DVD sets, and the Season 5 DVD won’t be released in Norway for some months yet. Season 4 was brilliant, so I expect 5 to be over the top. Norwegian television is airing the season finale tomorrow night, so I will have my TV set off and make sure not to hang around the water cooler Friday. Can’t wait!

As the creators have been saying, a lot of mysteries–like the smoke monster–will be explained during the final season. My expectation is to be blown away by a lot of the mysteries that have been bugging me for so long now.

I am really curious as to whether the myth ends with the tale or if will be a kind of “our friends are safe…hang on, there’s another plane on the horizon!” kind of thing, and then I will have to ponder that for the rest of my life. I am not sure if there will be another series to ever replace Lost in scientific and psycho-social weirdness.

Jeff Curtain (Previously On Lost):
By exploding the bomb, they created a new reality where apes rule the school, and the four-toed statue is now the Statue of Liberty in ruins. So next season it’s Zombies vs. Monkey People, led by the monkey who starred in Outbreak and Friends.

Adam Schatz (Previously On Lost):
I can’t speak for Jeff, but I know what I saw. At the end of the episode, the bomb exploded and everyone died. EVERYONE. That leaves only one possibility for Season 6….zombies.

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