Read LCD Soundsystem’s First Stateside Cover Story

As some of you know, self-titled didn’t spring from the bedroom of some disgruntled teenager or college dropout. It was the next logical step for the editorial staff of DIW, a mid-sized music magazine that didn’t want to continue putting out print issues in a world of declining ad sales and wasted trees.

One of the last stories we ever ran was LCD Soundsystem‘s first U.S. cover feature (the Wire beat us by a few years), which was shot by DFA’s future in-house photographer, Ruvan Wijesooriya, and written by the Philadelphia City Paper‘s founding food blogger, Drew Lazor.

According to our art director, James Murphy thinks this story is quite the bathroom read. Find out why below, as we shared a proud moment in proto-s/t history in honor of LCD’s final shows this week…