THE S/T SCOOP: French Duo Air Gets More Aggressive With Fifth Studio Album … Well, More Aggressive for Air


Talk about lovely surprises. Busy playing with our iPhone 3.0 updates, self-titled had no idea that Wednesday would bring our first glimpse at a new Air album. Ah, it’s a good day. The fifth studio album by the French duo (Jean-Benoit Dunckel and Nicolas Godin) is called Love 2 and will be released by Astralwerks/EMI on October 6. Self-produced by the pair without the help of frequent collaborator Nigel Godrich, it’s the first Air record to emerge from their own Atlas Studio in Northern Paris.

Based on our initial listen, the album is gorgeous and crisp. A broader, bolder sound than 2007’s Pocket Symphony, Love 2 sees the group sounding lively, psychedelic and more aggressive. Rather than reveling in  precious, muted details, the guys are back writing delightful electro-pop anthems.

“Do the Joy,” the album’s opener, will be a viral single available July 7. “Sing Sang Sung” will be released as the record’s traditional lead single April 25. Check the full tracklist after the jump.

Love 2:
1. Do the Joy
2. Love
3. So Light Is Her Footfall
4. Be a Bee
5. Missing the Light of the Day
6. Tropical Disease
7. Heaven’s Light
8. Night Hunter
9. Sing Sang Sung
10. Eat My Beat
11. You Can Tell
12. African Velvet