Todd Edwards Moves to L.A., Unloads Record Collection on eBay

Todd Edwards

Todd Edwards

As first reported on FACT, Todd Edwards–one of New Jersey’s most iconic producers/DJs–has left his longtime home for L.A., only to realize he had to get rid of all his records when he got there.

“Before I left Jersey, my manager asked me what I was going to do with all of my old records and I said I didn’t know, and he asked me to pack them as he’d love to have them,” Edwards explains in the 30 eBay listings he posted in the past couple days. “A week later, when I finally made it to California and pulled up to my manager’s house, he was drinking a mai tai and said, ‘I changed my mind.’ Typical!

“These records I’ve collected over the last 25 years and every record has been sampled by me (at least once if not more!), so they’re all stored in my sample banks,” he continues. “I don’t have space in my apartment or in my studio for them, so I’ve decided to put my entire record collection up for sale. My manager’s lovely assistant Elene (she is an angel!) picked up the records, put them in boxes of roughly 50, and has them all ready to be shipped. There are beautiful gospel records, lots of disco 12″s from the ’70s, some wild freestyle white labels, plenty of ’60s and ’70s rock albums, and lots of house records from the ’80s & ’90s (Strictly Rhythm, Nervous, all the classics). Have fun and here’s to receiving some good surprises!”

As of right now, most of the lots are still at $9.99, with a little more than five days remaining, so get on that! And if you need some inspiration, here’s a killer Todd Edwards tribute mix and the Daft Punk video that features Edwards’ vocals and co-production credits…

DJ Q presents the Todd Edwards Selection:
1. Todd Edwards – Saved My Life Interlude
2. Todd Edwards – Saved My Life
3. St Germain – Alabama Blues
4. Sound Of One – As I Am (Todd Edwards Remix)
5. Ride Commitee ft Roxy – Accident (Todd Edwards Dub)
6. Todd Edwards – Heaven
7. Moloko – Pure Pleasure Seeker (Todd Edwards Pleasure For Life UK Vocal)
8. Todd Edwards – Push The Love
9. Todd Edwards – Show The Way
10. Indo – R U Sleeping (Todd Edwards Mix)
11. Todd Edwards – Right Now
12. Todd Edwards – Perfect Love
13. Da Mob – Fun (Todd Edwards’ Cut-up Mix)
14. MJ Cole – Crazy Love (Todd Edwards Underground Remix)
15. Todd Edwards – Never Ever Far
16. Todd Edwards – Miracles
17. Todd Edwards – Time To Care
18. Somore – I Refuse (What You Want) (Sunshine Brothers Remix)
19. Kristine Blonde – Loveshy (Todd Edwards Dub)
20. FOT – People Join Hands (Todd Edwards Remix)
21. Todd Edwards – Can You Believe
22. Jay Collins – Don’t Turn Your Back On Love (Sunshine Brothers Remix)
23. Todd Edwards – I Need Someone
24. Todd Edwards – Without Samples