Untold, “Drop It On the One”

“I’ve eaten all the snacks and now it’s time for supper.”

That’s how Untold rationalized the timing of his debut album in a recent Resident Advisor interview that pointed out the six years of singles that came before it. Judging by how the record opens—with siren wails and four-alarm effects that’ll leave you wondering if the end days are upon us—Black Light Spiral certainly wasn’t the product of late night parties and efforts to reclaim the the underground realms of bass music and techno Untold’s Hemlock imprint has long trafficked in. No, this is a paranoid record, tracked to tape in fits and spurts as the room’s sweat-slathered walls close in on all of us.

Check out the previously shared “Sing a Love Song” and another wildly experimental selection from the album down below along with its newly released art and tracklisting…

Untold - 'Black Light Spiral'

Untold, Black Light Spiral (Hemlock, February 24th):
1. 5 Wheels
2. Drop It On The One
3. Sing A Love Song
4. Doubles
5. Wet Wool
6. Strange Dreams
7. Hobthrush
8. Ion