Varg and AnnaMelina Made Us a Mixtape Inspired By Their New Flora Project



In honor of the wildly ambitious piece Varg and AnnaMelina are unveiling in Berlin this Thursday, we asked the recurring collaborators (first heard on last year’s stunning Gore-Tex City LP, and now known as the newly minted duo FLORA) to share a set of songs that inspired their woozy ambient-pop work.

“[I] can’t describe how excited I am to show the piece ‘Coloring the water with his existence’ me and Melina wrote together as FLORA,” Varg posted on Facebook. “Asking everybody interested in sounds to come down and experience the amazing 4DSOUND studio at MONOM. Oli XL will also be performing a new piece. After that we will be going back 2 back for you to get your drinks on and hopes up.”

Check out FLORA’s 13-track YouTube mixtape below along with a little commentary, the video for their first official single, and an exclusive cut from Posh Isolation’s recent I Could Go Anywhere But Again I Go With You comp. FLORA’s limited Impatience 7” is due out June 8th through their own self-titled imprint….

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When certain music becomes a part of a place and time in your life, it won’t ever go back to being a versatile song again. It’s a visit back, where sounds lead you to the memories in a explosive way and you can’t hide from it. It’s this combination that brings out all your senses through the sense of hearing and you feel the music with your all. Sometimes it can be as torture as well as it can be the direct way to revisit a beloved feeling.

Flora | Impatience album art

Impatience 7”
(FLORA, June 8th)

1. Impatience
2. Vallmo