Posh Isolation

Loke Rahbek & Frederik Valentin Join Forces on Editions Mego Album

Ambient music for a life aquatic

Khalil Make Us a Mix With Yves Tumor, Dark0 and Lots of Left-Field Danish Music

Posh Isolation Goes the Avant-Pop Route With New Khalil Album

Featuring members of Age Coin, Lower, Yen Towers, When Saints Go Machine and Minais B

Damien Dubrovnik Set Our Speakers on Fire With Exclusive New Album Excerpt

Taken from Posh Isolation's 200th release

Stream Age Coin’s New Posh Isolation LP, Performance

Plush techno productions that are both abstract and deeply personal

Puce Mary Announces New Posh Isolation Album, The Spiral

Feel the pain of everyone

Lust For Youth’s Hannes Norrvide Unveils His Latest Solo Project For Posh Isolation

It's a queasy little techno LP inspired by Drexciya and his Swedish hometown

Dissecting the Danish Underground With Iceage, Lower and Lust For Youth

"Sometimes in the best sex, you never have an orgasm. And I think that’s what we're doing—fucking till the end of the world."

Stream Mischa Pavlovski’s Kapitel LP and Read His Commentary

Posh Isolation's latest 12'' transmission is a slightly sinister collection of dub techno, inspired by 'Peter and the Wolf'

LABEL OF THE MONTH: Posh Isolation

"When I meet people running 'real' record labels, I find I most often have very little in common with them"