Damien Dubrovnik Set Our Speakers on Fire With Exclusive New Album Excerpt

Damien Dubrovnik

“If you need something and you start looking, it will eventually come to you,” Loke Rahbek once said when asked how he met his main partner in Damien Dubrovnik and the underground label Posh Isolation. “Both me and Christian [Stadsgaard] needed something new and someone new to do that with.

He continued, “We never talked about what we were going to do. We went in and did something and the result was something that none of us had heard before or imagined…. It was the appearance of a new language, and that is ultimately what this is about and have been about ever since.”

The most complex manifestation of this artistic exchange has gotta be this week’s Great Many Arrows album. Featuring everything from prickly noise parts to warm acoustic melodies and woodwinds, it makes for one hell of a State of the Union. Only everything appears to still be strong in this case, especially Posh Isolation itself, which is celebrating its 200th release. Check out the record’s tense opening track below, along with another excerpt from the album, the duo’s side projects, and the Label of the Month mix Rahbek cut a few years back….