VIDEO PREMIERE: Coliseum, “Love Under Will”

Photo: Nick Theineman

Time-lapse photography and tender moments aren’t the first things that come to mind when we think of Coliseum; punk ‘n’ roll sucker punches and Ryan Patterson’s iron-throated bellow are. And yet here we are, premiering a love-conquers-all tale of star-crossed Minor Threat fans from the band’s new Sister Faith (available now through Temporary Residence Ltd.) album.

Don’t worry, though. Patterson–one of Louisville’s reigning underground figures–hasn’t gone soft. He’s merely expanded his poison-tipped palette yet again, sounding like Killing Joke on the explosive choruses of “Love Under Will” and spiking the trio’s tension-ratcheting tracks with subtle guest spots (including members of Boris, Sebadoh and Jawbox) elsewhere.

Check out our video premiere below, right alongside three other clips that hammer the record’s well-rounded sound home. Also be on the lookout for a sequel to Patterson’s popular Needle Exchange mix in the next couple weeks…