Matt Emery’s Stunning “Empire” Single Gets Turned Into a Moving Dance Routine

Matt Emery

At the risk of lulling our sensitive readers into a deep sleep or depressive state heading into this holiday weekend, we present to you the rather stunning Daghan Is video for the deeply emotive title track of Matt Emery’s Empire LP. Shot in an abandoned factory right alongside Istanbul’s Bosphorus strait, it features the fluid choreography of its star: dancer Dila Yumurtaci, with styling and art direction by Injazero co-founder Siné Buyuka (a.k.a. Villette).

“The video starts as a conversation,” explains Daghan Is. “Then it turns into a discussion and finally into a fight. If you want to build an ‘Empire’, you need to prepare yourself for an isolated and lonely state.”

“‘Empire’ is one of the more powerful and bolder tracks that I have written,” adds Emery, “but it also incorporates both sweetness and light. Siné and I were both very keen on having a choreographed dance piece that reflected the feel of the music. The setting and cinematography truly encapsulates both the dramatic and the delicate dance, illustrating the grand and fragile tones within the composition. I was blown away when I saw the finished piece and am really proud to have such a fitting visual representation of ‘Empire’.”