Neo-Classical Nods Meet Fractured Electronic Music on Vito Gatto’s New EP

Vito Gatto

While he may have been classically trained at Milan’s prestigious Conservatorio di Musica “Giuseppe Verdi”, violinist Vito Gatto has also spent time on stage with Einstürzende Neubauten and Blonde Redhead. Which leads us to Wood and Meat, a freshly pressed EP that strikes a delicate yet dynamic balance between organic and electronic music. Or as Gatto puts it, “I was looking for a way to watch the flow of time from outside, without being part of it. Music can do it. In this new production, the sound of classical instruments like strings, pianos, and violin crash and mix with electronic concrete sounds…. Wood and meat are manipulated by technology, voluntarily. Travelling from past to future through present, not worrying about their own origin.”

“Vito’s music is like a great soundtrack—full of images and different emotional waves,” adds Roberto “Rup” Paolini, the director of the music video we’re premiering below. “Through Wood and Meat, you can travel inside yourself, doing a sort of introspective trip through anger, contemplation, melancholy, and reaction. This video is a sort of short movie. I saw a warrior that is first of all a human being—traveling internally through training and meditation until he arrives to his interior demon….”