Stream A Sacred Geometry’s Chapter IV EP and Read the Stories Behind Their Shadowy Ambient-Techno Songs

A Sacred Geometry

Since many of you are probably halfway out the door—ready to get the weekend started right—we thought we’d highlight a late-night listen that’ll come in handy once the clock strikes 12 and sleep isn’t an option anymore. And that is Chapter IV, the latest nocturnal transmission from the subterranean techno duo A Sacred Geometry. Check it out in full below, along with a track-by-track commentary from the Berlin-based duo and streaming versions of all the greyscale grooves in their back catalogue….

The structure of the track mirrors the concept behind the whole EP. The idea was to have loopy percussive elements, maintaining a good balance between the atmospheres and ambiences that we love to design. We like to keep a solid low end, driving the movement in a club, and at the same time mess around with stereo movement and high-frequency shift, keeping the mind focused on that. We are captivated by that (subtle) feeling that nothing seems to happens, having no perception of the subtle variations that occur during the listening experience.

It came out pretty natural—choosing star names for the first two tracks—since we spotted an analogy between the experience of staring at the sky and listening to something that is not really changing, even if it’s evolving.

The difference here is in the shades; “Hyades” has a gloomier mood, leading to a darker meditative state.

We believe that electronic music should not be confined to the club experience. That’s why we always try to deliver a full spectrum of sounds that could be perceived in different ways. Soundtracks are also a huge influence on our work, and “NYR” is the result of these two factors, as well as a calm anchor at the end of the journey. Pads, atmospheres and delayed toms create a peaceful state, in which it’s nice to find ourselves lost.