Nadia Struiwigh Channels Blade Runner on New Ambient Techno Album WHRRu

Nadia Struiwigh

With Nadia Struiwigh set to release her second LP (WHRRu) on Denovali next Friday, we’ve got a lovely early listen for all of our fellow Philip K Dick fans. Available below, right alongside a couple other previously released cuts and some commentary from the Rotterdam producer, “Bldrnnr” is a tightly wound ambient-techno track that sounds the way a sensory deprivation tank feels….

This track is made with a memory from my childhood. As a child, I was shy and could never find the right words to describe my feelings. These days I can convey them with synths and rhythms, processing memories which were hidden inside of me. This track should give a feeling of deep hope with a lot of tension. I made it when the new ‘Blade Runner’ was announced. (It’s one of my faves!)

Nadia Struiwigh | WHRRu vinyl

Nadia Struiwigh
(Denovali, April 27th)

1. WHRRu
2. Roeiweijk
3. Jimmy Read
4. Bizarph
5. Yoguah
6. Soundshag
7. Ppda
8. Bldrnnr
9. 4othu2
10. Mettrix