Justin Meyers Collides With Capitalism on New Shelter Press LP, Struggle Artist

Justin Meyers

Sympathy Ltd. founder Justin C. Meyers has announced his first album for Shelter Press—one we can all relate to. Due out May 11th, Struggle Artist is described as a “violent collision with late capitalism,” an acousmatic meditation on the “expectations and disappointments arising from making art in his free time… the despondency of the precarious life.”

Check out a trailer below, along with the album’s cover art (Meyers also happens to be a killer illustrator) and a streaming version of the songs that complement Struggle Artist’s deeply personal themes of near-death experiences, hospital visits, and keeping on keeping on….

Meyers | Struggle Artist album cover

Struggle Artist
(Shelter Press, May 11th)

1. Ambient Role Play
2. Draw Distance
3. Balloon Étude
4. NPC Loop 1
5. Self Portrait
6. Limit Break
7. Ambient Role Play (End)
8. Granular Opportunities 1
9. Granular Opportunities 2
10. Expectations 1
11. Expectations 2
12. NPC Loop 2
13. Noise Artist Cosplay
14. Struggle Artist