Watch VORONOI’s Trippy “Marbles” Video

Voronoi | Vis-Viva

You know reality isn’t actually real right? That’s the premise of VORONOI’s new “Marbles” video, at least. According to the producer’s collaborators (OOH-sounds owner Pardo and visual artist Natalia Trejbalova), it’s a “round up of weird plastic dioramas in which cellophane-wraps, coloured fluids and waterproof surfaces look as uncanny as their digital counterpart.” Quite appropriate considering how slippery the sounds themselves are.

Have an exclusive look below, followed by a few other selections from the Vis-Viva record that’s dropping on OOH-sounds this Friday….

Voronoi | Vis-Viva album cover

(OOH-sounds, May 25th)

1. T-1000
2. SPHERO 2.0
3. Marbles
4. V25 [Jesse Osborne-Lanthier re-work]
5. Gumbody Flash