Watch the Trailer For a Documentary on Not Not Fun’s Dance Label 100% Silk

When we first read that 100% Silk is getting its own documentary, the first thing that came to mind was, ‘Oh great, another fan-funded concert film.’ And we’re actually fans of the L.A. label, a dance imprint of Not Not Fun that’s arguably eclipsed its parent company in terms of popularity and sheer volume of releases.

But here’s the thing: Unlike many other entries in the flooded music doc market, Benjamin Shearn’s travelogue of a 2012 tour—featuring intimate footage of LA Vampires, Magic Touch, Maria Minerva and Ital—is more than just a mere tour diary. Judging by the trailer and clips below, SILK captures the essence and power of dance first and foremost, from live shots of fans losing their shit to staged, wildly expressive routines by Mecca Vazie Andrews and the Los Angeles Contemporary Dance Company. According to a press release, the latter were “designed to visually articulate the personal philosophies and emotional aesthetics of the artists, while also exploring the pop-cultural iconography of the music itself.”

We’re into it…

The 'SILK' film poster