All Saints Records Announce Roger Eno Compilation, ‘Little Things Left Behind’

As All Saints gets set for a proper reboot next week, the label has already revealed its next release: Little Things Left Behind, a decade-long (1988-1998), double-disc collection of Roger Eno recordings. Due out November 11th, it arrives just a few months after Endless City/Concrete Garden, Eno’s second electro-shocked collaboration with the IDM-infused producer Plumbline.

Check out a track from the compilation below, along with its cover art and complete tracklisting…

Roger Eno - 'Little Things Left Behind'

Roger Eno, Little Things Left Behind (All Saints, November 11th):
Disc One:
1. Between Tides
2. Field Of Gold
3. One Gull
4. The Silent Hours
5. When The City Sleeps
6. The Frost
7. Winter Music
8. The Wonderful Year
9. Mister Bosco
10. The Familiar
11. Days Of Delay
12. Heartland
13. Lament
14. The Last Resort
15. Slow And Slender
16. Newton’s Statue
17. The Whispering Gallery
18. The Hunch
19. Emberdays
20. Rain Stopped Play

Tracks 1-7 from Between Tides (1988)
Tracks 8-13 from The Familiar (1992) with Kate St.John
Tracks 14-20 from Lost In Translation (1994)

Disc Two:
1. Evening Paragraphs
2. Docet Umbra
3. The Whole Wide World
4. The Slow River
5. In Water
6. Amukidi
7. Little Things Left Behind
8. Aryis
9. How You Shone
10. The Parting Glass
11. Somewhere Above
12. Palimpsest
13. Walsingham
14. Turning
15. Mr. Johnson Watches The Sky
16. The Third Light
17. Elevation
18. The Black Cat
19. The Flatlands
20. Days Like This

Tracks 1-2 from Lost In Translation (1994)
Tracks 3-10 from Swimming (1996)
Tracks 11-20 from The Flatlands (1998)