1MM: Ladyhawke/The Whitest Boy Alive @ Modular’s Nevereverland Festival, 12.13.08

[Photos by Andrew Parks; click for slideshow version]

Judging by her name alone–and her association with the rather glitzy, dance-centric environs of Modular Records–many people have assumed Ladyhawke is some electro-shocked vixen. As she told us in a soon-to-be-published self-titled interview, one magazine’s fashion department even tried to douse her in neon attire and glitter. Seeing as she prefers men’s clothes, this was obviously a bad idea.

As you’ll discover in the following photos, Pip Brown is still struggling to squash the stage fright she’s had since her solo project took off earlier this year. That said, everyone in attendance agreed her live show is much better than it was six months ago–capturing the inherent indie pop hooks of her self-titled debut with a four-person band. Here’s hoping she puts some spring in that step by the time she returns to the U.S. again.

Even more eye-opening in the early hours of Modular’s Nevereverland Festival was Erlend Øye‘s disco-ish project The Whitest Boy Alive. A consummate entertainer despite his Napoleon Dynamite-esque looks, Øye led his band through some new jams that reminded us just how close he errs to the accessible side of Arthur Russell. We hear he’s done with a new record, so self-titled hopes to have a report from that front in the coming weeks. Some more photos of Øye and company for now …