TEST PRESSING: The Whitest Boy Alive Share the First Single From “Rules,” Their Second Platter of Plaintive Disco

As self-titled told you in a review of their Sydney show last December, the Whitest Boy Alive are the closest we’ve ever come to witnessing a modern-day reincarnation of Arthur Russell. At least in terms of the quartet’s disco leanings and Erlend Øye‘s even-handed melodies. That boy’s voice settles our caffeine-wrecked nerves like no other singer in the indie dance realm.

The following s/t premier is from the Whitest Boy Alive’s second LP, Rules, which arrives via the band’s Bubbles imprint on March 31. Like the rest of Rules, “Keep a Secret” was captured in one live take during a relaxed recording session in Mexico. As such, it has a loose, groove-locked sound that taps right into our need for a mid-tempo dance jam on a sunny Friday morning. We’ll have a report on the entire record later this month …


The Whitest Boy Alive, “Keep a Secret”