1MM: The Soft Pack/Those Darlins @ Mercury Lounge, 1.16.09

The Muslims–sorry … SOFT PACK

[Photos by Travis Huggett; slideshow version available here]

Our staff photographer (Travis Huggett, a.k.a. the man responsible for our Black Lips cover) was going on and on about Those Darlins‘ rootsy Wall of Sound rock the other day, to the point where we simply said, “Fine! Go ahead and shoot ’em at the Mercury Lounge this Friday.” As it turns out, the Tennessee trio were supporting the blogosphere’s latest Strokes substitute: The Soft Pack, better known by their much ballsier name The Muslims. (If you haven’t read it already, here is s/t‘s “15 Band Names That Are Better Than The Soft Pack.”)

Score! Presenting Huggett’s best shots of the Darlins–who were characterized  as “a tangle of bare legs, cowboy boots and Southern sass” by The New York Times–and a band that’s bound to headline the cavernous monstrosity circuit by year’s end …