NEEDLE EXCHANGE 082: An Exclusive Not Not Fun / 100% Silk Mix

Photo by Bryan Sheffield

Of all the labels that screamed nothing but quality this year, Not Not Fun and its neon-lit sister imprint 100% Silk emptied self-titled‘s pockets on a monthly basis, causing us to spontaneously consume everything from the space age dub excursions of Peaking Lights to the twilight zone pop tracks of Maria Minerva. With that in mind, we asked the label’s co-founders (Britt and Amanda Brown) to share an exclusive mix of new, old and upcoming favorites from the Not Not Fun canon. Have a listen below, and check out Britt’s favorite labels of 2011 in our new issue here

Not Not Fun, ‘Needle Exchange 082’:
Rangers – Podunk Baal
Cankun – El Ingenioso
White Poppy – Wish & Wonder
Sand Circles – Innercity Haze
Holy Strays – Phrenesia
Jonas Reinhardt – Leaving The Touch Taboo
Sapphire Slows – Green Flash Mob
Cruise Family – Be Part Of It (Club Mix)
Cuticle – Liquid Crystal Drink (Pour My Dream)
LX Sweat – How I Feel (Jack Your Body)