7 Things I Had Forgotten …

… and Remembered While Watching Bloc Party at Roseland Ballroom

[Photos by Andrew Parks]

By Aaron Richter

1. That Silent Alarm is as fantastic today as it was when it first blew my mind in 2005. (Tonight the band nailed classics such as “Price of Gas” and “Banquet,” although “Like Eating Glass” felt clunky and choppy.)

2. That drummer Matt Tong is allergic to shirts.

3. That Weekend in the City isn’t nearly as lame as everyone said it was. (Moody show highlights included “Hunting for Witches” and “The Prayer.”)

4. That frontman Kele Okereke has a Chemical Brothers fetish, as evident by new track “Ares.”

5. That it’s awesome to air-guitar to the climax of “Positive Tension.”

6. That Roseland Ballroom is huge and cavernous. (The venue was only 3/4 full.)

7. That My Bloody Valentine is next Tuesday–TTYL Roseland.