Christina Vantzou’s Favorite Things, From Earl Sweatshirt to a Nina Simone Doc

Christina Vantzou


Earl Sweatshirt – I Don’t Like Shit, I Don’t Go Outside (Tan Cressida / Columbia)

This record sounds really good through headphones. I first listened to it walking the streets of Brussels. Earl mentions missing his grandmother a lot. It’s in the first minute of the album and repeated throughout. It’s got organ, lots of piano, maybe a mellotron, slowed-down/pitched-down sounds, instrumental loops and an extremely good sense of nostalgia.

I loved the “Hive” video from Doris and the “Grief” video was done with the same director. I’m leaning towards “DNA” (featuring Na’kel) as my favorite track on the record. Also, I didn’t go outside two days this week.


Attik – “Apo Mesa Pethamenos”

This track was used in the film The Lobster. Warmed my heart to hear two old Greek songs in that film. I made a translation of the song (“Dead Inside”) here:

Back when you loved me, you asked me one morning, as we lay in bed under the covers, “What is life all about?”

I turned to you and said, “Some live for wine, others for glory, others for wealth…and me, I live for you.”

Now that things have changed, and you love another, I wonder how my heart can go on beating? Maybe there are more out there like me…dead inside, alive outside.


What Happened, Miss Simone?

Pretty self-explanatory. The woman is incredible.

Ken Camden - 'Dream Memory'

Ken Camden – “Adenosine”

I first listened to this driving a rental car from a village in France back to Brussels. I have a strong memory of it, and hearing those vocal samples for the first time.

Stan-Douglas-Interregnum copy

Stan Douglas (Wiels, Brussels)

I’ve been twice already and will go again before it’s down. Stan Douglas takes photos and makes multi-channel videos. His photos are carefully constructed and imitate the look of post-war photojournalism. There’s a political and historical framework but what I like is his dedication to the aesthetics of imitation. This is done in music all the time, in terms of genre re-appropriating. Culture sampling culture.

Christina Vantzou’s latest album, ‘Nº3’, is now available through Kranky. Check out the high concept video clips she made for it down below.