COMING SOON: Cloud Nothings, ‘Attack On Memory’

The Artist/Album: Cloud Nothings, Attack On Memory (Carpark, January 24th)

What To Expect: As melancholic as some of the melodies were on Cloud Nothings’ self-titled album, it mostly sounded like the sugar-snorting, no-fi pop spasms of a kid who was raised on his older brother’s Weezer records. Dylan Baldi’s second studio effort benefits from the Steve Albini Effect; meaning lots of punchy percussion, larynx-lashing vocals, and hooks that hit you square in the throat. In other words, this is Baldi’s teenage wasteland treatise, a meaty and manic therapy session that leaves you wondering, “Who tore this guy’s heart in half, then pissed on the left ventricle?”