COMING SOON: Hype Williams, ‘One Nation’

The Artist/Album: Hype Williams, One Nation (Hippos In Tanks, March 15)

The Details: While they’re more of an underground phenomenon back home in Britain, Dean Blunt and Inga Copeland are destined to breach these shores in the coming months as they continue to release insanely rare 12-inches–one recent single was limited to 50 copies–and refine their resin-coated ramblings with fully realized records like One Nation. Available for pre-order in a 1,000-strong white vinyl run at Hippos In Tanks, it’s as blunted as hypnagogic pop gets.

Wondering what we mean by that? Here’s a new song and a slew of other nocturnal emissions that’ve emanated from the Hype Williams camp in the past couple years…