COMING SOON: OMBRE, ‘Believe You Me’

OMBRE - 'Believe You Me'

OMBRE - 'Believe You Me'

The Artist/Album:: OMBRE, Believe You Me (Asthmatic Kitty, August 21st)

The Details: As much as we loved the lush choral lines of Julianna Barwick’s last LP, her weightless melodies pair perfectly with the subtle psych-hop explorations of Helado Negro on the duo’s OMBRE debut. The product of an ice-breaking tour and two years of loose studio sessions, Believe You Me expands Barwick’s typical a cappella arsenal to include guitars, synths, vibraphones and an electric piano, while Helado Negro sneaks in his own rainy day details and sorely overlooked songwriting abilities. Definitely a side project worth exploring.


The Tracklisting:
1. Noche Brilla
2. Weight Those Words
3. Vistate
4. Dawning
5. Sense
6. Tormentas
7. Cara Falsa
8. The Nod
9. Pausa Primera
10. Noche Brilla Pt 2