CONFESSIONS OF A CMJ VIRGIN: Day 3, Featuring a Dilemma and a Solution

Good decision-making can lead to excellent life opportunities (and sometimes free beer).

Last night, The CMJ Virgin had an important decision to make. And having been denied entry to several shows the night prior, he found himself conflicted about how to proceed for the evening. The options were plentiful: He considered catching The Muslims at Mercury Lounge. He contemplated trekking to the Music Hall of Williamsburg to see Mission of Burma and Jay Reatard. He thought about just walking down the street from his apartment to watch White Rainbow at Union Hall. He was tempted by the thought of catching Au, Fight Bite and Cause Co-Motion! at Pianos. He weighed heading back to the CMJ Artists Lounge (for the third day in a row!) for Oxford Collapse and The Broken West. And he even considered a complex cab-ride-catalyzed journey between no fewer than three of the night’s options. 

He pondered this decision long and hard (giggle). So much music. So little chance of actually getting in to see any of it. Would tonight be different? Would his CMJ badge actually grant him access to CMJ shows? He certainly hoped so. For his sake. And yours. Check out his solution to this dilemma after the jump.

[The CMJ Virgin took a nap…]

[…woke up, made dinner, zonked out to Bitches Brew]

[…read Tar magazine and watched Battlestar Galactica.]

In conclusion: The CMJ Virgin is well rested and regrets nothing about skipping Day 3 of CMJ. After all, most of these bands will probably be back through NYC within the coming months. At which point he will hop on the guest-list and rock the fuck out. Our good ol’ Virgin will, however, be dancing his ass off tonight at Irving Plaza. Soulwax, bitches. Soulwax.