5 Years of FoF Mix

FoF Music

Five years ago—so long ago the layout of the feature doesn’t fit our current design (note to self: fix that!)—we featured Friends of Friends alongside RVNG Intl. for their innovative approach to launching a new label in what’s become a collectors/vinyl-driven market. (At the time, they had just released a limited T-shirt that included a download code for the music itself.) Now that they’re about to celebrate their anniversary this fall with a special 40-track compilation and showcases in Seattle and LA, founder Leeor Brown has tapped his first artist to do an exclusive mix of in-house material. Lucky for him that debut release was Daedelus, one of the underground’s most creative producers/DJs.

“It’s funny,” Brown told L.A. Taco, “when I look back on the last five years, when we started there was no community… I didn’t even sign an artist; it was a friendly thing between me and Daedelus at the time. Now to see this community of people who have all become friends—it’s amazing. Other things have grown out of it too, people are starting their own labels, their own brands, but we all have that common ground which is FoF. I’m proud of that, and I’ve really been able to appreciate that this year and reflect on it because of the anniversary.”

Check out Daedelus’ set below, and the lead single from his next LP (The Light Brigade, due out September 30th through Brainfeeder) here