Daniel Avery
“New Energy (Beyond the Wizard’s Sleeve Re-Animation)”

Beyond the Wizard's Sleeve

It’s been five years since Erol Alkan and Richard Norris released their first volume of Beyond the Wizard’s Sleeve Re-Animations for artists like the Chemical Brothers, Tracey Thorn and Goldfrapp. Now comes word of three new remixes, starting with a spring-loaded psych edit of Daniel Avery. Available June 2nd via a Phantasy Sound pressing (and June 16th digitally), it’s the latest AA single from Avery’s Drone Logic album. Have a listen below, via Dummy.

Side note: the Grid track we shared the other day is more than a newly mastered demo. According to Norris’ Twitter account, the long dormant duo is in the middle of recording a full-length record with guitarist Robert Fripp, something they started working on in the early ’90s. Better now than never…