Donato Dozzy Explores Altered States and Mouth Harps on The Loud Silence

Donato Dozzy

“When you play [mouth harps], you’ll feel all your bones vibrating to the sound in a sort of chain reaction!” explains Donato Dozzy. “It becomes an emotional and physical clean up. In Italy, one of the ways to call the jew’s harp is ‘scacciapensieri’, which literally means ‘It kicks thoughts away’.”

That’s the idea with The Loud Silence as well, a new album that strings together field recordings and mildly psychedelic mouth harp parts from a spring session at Dozzy’s parent’s house in the Italian countryside.

“In a moment where all individuals seem to act egoistically and not as a tribe,” adds Dozzy, “this music gives me the sense of continuity with the past.”