Doseone Shares Exclusive “Alias Is Forever” Mix of Crucial Material From the Anticon Co-Founder

Alias & Doseone

As a sort of postscript to Less Is Orchestra, his bittersweet new album with Alias, we recently asked Doseone to make us a mix of his favorite music from the sorely missed producer/MC. (The anticon. co-founder suffered a fatal heart attack last March.) Here’s what he had to say about the heady set, followed by a streaming version of the pair’s LP and its alternate instrumental edition….

Alias will always be the kind of musician and friend I wish to be more like. Always bent happily toward every opportunity and then leaning dedicated toward the hard work it takes to make something from nothing.

Alias made beats in front of a dumb me when I was 80% child, and later made art beside me as we chased ourselves into creative men. And I remember us often confused about where all our clarity and creation was getting us…. But now, missing him every day, and without him in my physical life, I understand why we spent our days creating and bonding and bettering our inner selves together in making songs. It was a safety measure, a deep generosity expressed between us and toward us, a true and living life preserver.

And so I sit, crying and feeling and remembering my friend and his genius and life, through his songs, through his art.

Every song full of countless hours spent pruning drums, pushing the self, toward a delicate yet permanent stack of all of Bren’s brilliant decisions, confusions, experiments, and feelings, all preserved perfectly like butterflies, put under the pin and then glass…. Preserved, for me and all of us, to be with a man when he moves beyond the body, to be alone and feel love pour toward us from his BEST in perpetuity.

Alias is FOREVER.

Love those you keep close, with reckless abandon and unadulterated intimacy while you can.

love, dose

Vallejo’s Sapphire Views – Alias
Sleepy – Alias & Tarsier
Revi Is Divad – Alias
Well Water Black – Alias (Featuring WHY?)
Slackened Onyx – Alias
Watchyawannadoo – Alias
2 Times – Serengeti & POLYPHONIC (Alias RMX)
Death Watch – Alias
Hall – Baths (Alias RMX)
Goinswimmin – Alias
The DOGHAWK – Alias & doseone
Cruel Worldz – Alias
Aikotune – Alias
Watching Water – Alias