Slugabed Toasts the End of Everything With “Earth Is Gone Sorry”

Dosh & Ghostband
“Kool Aid”

"Sounds like a great time, if only we could make it there"


“A Beautiful Woman”

The former Dirty Projector finally wrapped her debut album for Anticon

Buck 65
(Feat. Adaline)
“Roses in the Rain”

"Making this record is how I got through a terrible time in my life. I hope I never write another one like it."

EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Doseone, Why? and Odd Nosdam Look Back on cLOUDDEAD

"I got the vibe that they were iffy about the record, so it was like, 'Fuck that.' Sometimes we felt like outsiders in a group of outsiders."

Alias + Doseone
“Crimson Across It”

A nocturnal transmission from Anticon's all-star team

Baths Takes Over Our Instagram Account

Young Fathers On… Truthful Bass Tones, Magical Rugs, Noise Makers and More

"He’s opened his fly and is shouting to me and pissing in the doorway. He’s in my time; he belongs to me."

VIDEO PREMIERE: Doseone + The Light Of Love Children’s Choir, “Weight in Song”

"What should the song be about? I don't wanna lie to them and be like, 'Freedom is a bird with a rainbow eye.'"


NEEDLE EXCHANGE 102: Doseone’s ‘Art of the Demo’ Mix

Download the First Single From Doseone’s Latest Solo Album and Read our Rare cLOUDDEAD Intervi...

RECORDING UNDER THE INFLUENCE: Alias On … Maine, Bagel Making and KitchenAid Mixers

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