Double Dee & Steinski Return With New “Insanity Clause” Mix

Double Dee and Steinski

Well this is a pleasant surprise: “The Insanity Clause,” a Double Dee and Steinski mini-mix that marks their first batch of new material since a short-lived reunion in 2006 and Steinski’s own What Does It All Mean? compilation in 2008. (That particular record was released through Illegal Art, the very same label as Girl Talk, a mash-up artisan deeply indebted to the duo.) Much like Double Dee & Steinski’s seminal “Lessons” series, “The Insanity Clause” is a sample collage that celebrates the art of boundless hip-hop beats, cramming everything from Cypress Hill to Led Zeppelin to LCD Soundsystem to Beastie Boys to “Mr. Sandman” into 12 manic minutes. Here’s what Steinski had to say about it:

Hello Double Dee and Steinski fan (or fan to be),

We’re proud to announce our newest opus “The Insanity Clause”. Over 5 months in its creation this one is a 12-minute roller coaster that spans 75 years of media culture! Enjoy, share, play loud! Best on headphones!

Hope you enjoy this.

Class is in session kids: