Francis Harris Makes
Us a Mixtape For the
First Cold Days of Fall

Francis Harris


I grew up a musician, but I’ve always made mixtapes for listening. Even though I do enjoy albums in full, I’ve had a penchant for compiling music, as it feels not unlike putting together pieces of a puzzle.

It goes without saying that the artists in this particular mixtape feel out of this world as if each was plucked from a cosmic tree. I made this mix in the early evening of the first cool day of fall and then took it on a long run the next morning. It fit right in with a Brooklyn sunrise.

Motion Sickness of Time Travel- Late Day Sun Silhouettes
Medium Format- 3
Ben Chatwin- Coruscate
Sarah Davachi- All My Circles Run
Tortoise- Dear Grandma and Grandpa
Ben Vince- Tower of Cells
Tim Hecker- A Sodium Codec Haze
Burkhard Stangl- Unfinished for William Turner
Ellen Fullman – Woven Processional
Pharaoh Sanders Interview – In the Beginning
Palta- Tabt Optaglese
Kali Malone- Bondage to Formula
Evan Caminiti- NYC Ego
Joanna Brouk- The Space Between
Oren Ambarchi- Remedios the Beauty
Gastre Del Sol- The Relay

Francis Harris’ latest solo album, ‘Trivial Occupations’, is now available through his Scissor and Thread imprint. Stream it and other selected ambient works from his back catalogue below.