Blackest Ever Black’s Corsica Studios Mix


Via Blackest Ever Black:

“Rough and ready – please excuse a couple of monstrous cross-fades – mix of music by, or directly connected to, the live acts and DJs performing at the B.E.B. night at Corsica Studios, London, on October 13th. As incoherent and jarring as we hope the party itself will be.”

Grab tickets for the label’s London showcase at Resident Advisor, and read more about the night’s acts and other BEB releases here. We’ve also got the mix’s complete tracklisting below…

Blackest Ever Black – Corsica Studios Mix:
black rain – lo tek (blackest ever black)
source direct – call & response (science)
cut hands – krokodilo theme (blackest ever black)
bruce gilbert – eline cout ii (mute)
lee gamble – side b excerpt (pan)
dj slimzee / pay as u go – sidewinder excerpt
source direct – secret liaison (good looking)
powell – nude (diagonal)
raime – you will lift your frame clear (blackest ever black)
young hunting – dirge (agenda)
russell haswell – chua rave (regis remix) (downwards)
cut hands – backlash (susan lawly)
vatican shadow – cairo is a haunted city (bed of nails)