Blackest Ever Black

Silvia Kastel Makes Us a Saturn Return Playlist, From Fennesz to FAKA

Carla dal Forno’s Broadcast Guide

Explore such essential records as 'Tender Buttons', 'The Noise Made By People' and 'Berberian Sound Studio'

Raime Unveil Dancehall Mixtape, Our Versions of Their Versions

Featuring "28 riddims... listed alphabetically, to frustrate the spotters"

Carla dal Forno Announces Debut Album, You Know What It’s Like

Five Rad New Records That Don’t Feature Drake

Including a Pampa compilation, F ingers solo debut, Brian Eno and more

Raime Announce New Album, Tooth

"The DNA of dub-techno, garage/grime and post-hardcore rock music spliced into sleek and predatory new forms"

William Bennett Explains His Career, From the Power Electronics of Whitehouse to the Rabid African R...

"We weren't the provocateurs that people think. It was simply a case of the madmen taking over the asylum and doing what they wanted to do."

Blackest Ever Black Compile Regis Productions, Remixes on Manbait

Including commissions for Tropic of Cancer, Vatican Shadow and Raime

Stream Exploring Jezebel’s Blackest Ever Black Debut

Plus check out a trailer for Prurient's new double LP, 'Frozen Niagara Falls'

Cut Hands Announces New Festival of the Dead Album For Blackest Ever Black

Stream its drum-heavy singles here, "a rapturous celebration of oblivion"

Black Rain Announces Dark Pool, His First New Album in 18 Years

Did we mention Sean Young—everyone's favorite Replicant in 'Blade Runner'—makes an appearance on it?

Young Echo Members Announce Killing Sound Debut on Blackest Ever Black

Featuring Vessel, El Kid and 1/2 of Jabu

Former Whitehouse, Skullflower Member Readies Synth Improv Record From 1982

"A couple of pieces seem surprisingly ‘mellow’"

PREMIERE: Cut Hands, “Damballah 58’’

The Whitehouse founder aims an adrenaline shot straight at your skull

Raime’s Guide to Cabaret Voltaire

Wanna guess what's "the most beautifully paranoid thing they have ever done"?