Former Whitehouse, Skullflower Member Readies Synth Improv Record From 1982

“So there’s all this noise,” Stefan Jaworzyn explained in an interview about his old band’s (Descension) infamous opening set for Sonic Youth, “And all these people screaming and the fucking glasses are flying, just like a rain of them bouncing all around us all the time. It was absolutely incredible! Afterwards we were like, ‘What the fuck was happening?’

He continued, “Even though it didn’t seem like a particularly good experience while we were doing it, I think when looking back, it’s definitely a highlight of my musical career.”

And that’s not even including his stints in two notorious noise acts—Whitehouse and Skullflower—or Jaworzyn’s mad-for-it solo material, which was recently highlighted in a compilation called Eaten Away By Shadows. Ongoing efforts to excavate old Skullflower sessions just uncovered another collection of crazed ’80s recordings, too: Drained of Connotation, a synth-driven improv record backed by a Dr Rhythm drum machine.

“While a maniacal edge predominates,” Jaworzyn said in a press release, “a couple of pieces seem surprisingly ‘mellow’, a concept infrequently associated with my subsequent endeavors and disposition.”

Check out a few edits from the album—due out January 27th through Blackest Ever Black—down below, along with a YouTube rip of that aforementioned Descension performance…


Stefan Jaworzyn, Drained of Connotation (Blackest Ever Black, January 27th):
1. Sinister Eroticism In Oslo
2. The Nightclub Toilet
3. I Am Not Going To Make This Mistake Again
4. Druid Crystals
5. Pillars Of Excrement
6. Psychoanalytically Speaking, You’re Fucked
7. Crack City
8. Why Must We Rot *

* digital only

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